Turkish worker Visa


A person may apply for permission to stay in the UK as a Turkish worker if you are a Turkish national and have legally worked in the UK for at least 1 year as:

  • The spouse of a British or settled person without any restrictions on working in the UK
  • A holder of a work permit allowing you to work in the UK
  • A student allowed to work 20 hours a week during term time and full time during vacation periods

The duration of your stay and what job you can do will depend on how long you have legally worked in the UK.

To apply you must:

  • Be a Turkish national with a valid passport
  • Have legally worked in the UK for at least 1-year evidence showing permission to work
  • You must have worked in the UK for the same employer for the period you are quoting in your application. With a valid letter of employment.

Turkish worker Visa Entitlements

Successful applicants who are granted a Turkish Worker Visa are allowed to live and work in the UK for a term up to 4-years. There is no processing fee for this visa and applicants must apply from within the UK before their permission to stay expires

Those applicants will be free to undertake any type of employment throughout their stay in the UK. Applicants can include their dependants on this extension if they are already in the UK, and include their partner and children and applicants can switch into this category from another visa.

How do I apply? Please speak to one of our advisers +44(0) 20 7993 6346

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