Turkish Business Person Visa


The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK and establish themselves as a self-employed business person or as a worker in the UK.

You can apply for this visa if you intend to:

  • Start a new business in the UK
  • Come to the UK to help run an established business

To apply you must be:

  • A Turkish national;
  • Have a genuine intention to set up a viable business
  • Bringing sufficient funds to establish the business
  • Be able to pay a share of the costs for running the business
  • The ability to demonstrate that the share of profits will be enough to support themselves and, if applicable, a family without the need to have another job.

The intention is to join an already existing partnership or company, the individual must show that:

  • Have an active part in running the business
  • The ability to show that there is a genuine need for the applicant’s services and investment

Extending the visa

If an applicant wishes to extend his/her stay as a Turkish ECAA Businessperson, and you currently have permission to stay here in this category, the person in question has to show that:

  • You are still established in a business
  • You are still able to bear your share of the costs of running the business
  • Your share of the profits will be enough to support yourself and if possible a family


If you meet these requirements, you will normally be given permission to stay (which the UKBA call ‘further leave to remain’) for another 3 years, but you will not be allowed to work except as a Turkish ECAA businessperson.
If you meet most of the requirements but cannot produce all the evidence you need (such as tax returns for the whole year), you may be allowed to stay for 1 more year. At the end of that year, you may apply again.


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