Tier 4 Sponsor licence


Any education provider that wished to enrol an overseas student from outside the EEA is required to ‘sponsor’ them under Tier 4 of the Points based System and must also obtain a sponsor licence from the Home Office.



Any establishment in the UK can make an application, if they wish to sponsor overseas nationals to enrol in their educational establishments.

In order to become a licensed sponsor, the establishment concerned must be a genuine organisation or sole trader in the UK.

There can not be any evidence of a possible threat to immigration control as the Home Office will look into the history and background of the relevant company and its key personnel. The organisation itself will need to nominate individuals who will be responsible for the sponsorship management system.

The organisation has to be able to comply with its sponsorship duties by showing the necessary human resources systems that are in place.


Procedure after submitting the application

The sponsors make an application for a licence by registering online on the Home Office website.

The Home Office will consider the application under the specified criteria, making any necessary checks and decide whether they have to visit the company or request additional documents before reaching a decision.

When the Home Office approves the application, a sponsor licence will be given to the business. If it is refused the applicant can not appeal but the reapply. The licence itself is valid for 4 years, which at the end the company needs to renew it.


Certificate of Application

These are virtual documents with a unique reference number. The migrant will need to provide the reference number in the application form for leave to enter or remain.

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