Tier 2 Sponsor Licence


A Sponsor is a UK based organisation that wishes to employ an overseas applicant in the UK. For the purposes of the Tier System, an overseas applicant is a national of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

In order to sponsor applicants, an employer will need to be registered with the UKBA as a licensed Sponsor. For this registration to be accepted, the employer will need to meet certain requirements for the particular category of Tier 2 and accept certain responsibilities to help with immigration control.


Eligibility Criteria

To receive a licence, the person in question can not have:

  • Unspent criminal convictions for immigration offences or certain crimes, such as fraud, money laundering and etc.
  • Any recorded history of failure of sponsorship duties


The purpose of a Certificate of Sponsorship

The Sponsor will need to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship before an applicant can apply for leave to enter the UK or remain in the UK under Tier 2. The Certificate will act as an assurance that the applicant is able to undertake a particular job and intends to do so. The licence itself is valid for 4 years, after this period it needs to be renewed.


Apply for the licence

The application process can be completed with our help. The licence itself costs £536 (medium and large sponsors will need to pay £1476). The staff of the relevant business may be checked to make sure it is suitable for sponsorship. A licence will not be granted if:

  • There are unspent convictions
  • Presenting fraudulent documents

And etc.


Supporting documents

You need to send the correct supporting documents to be able to prove that a business is genuine. An application may be refused if documents are not provided.

It is important to indicate the relevant posts. Proof needs to be given as to how the person of interest (the migrant) was identified.

Government agencies take security seriously. Additional documents may be asked regarding the sponsorship or the migrant himself.

How do I apply? Please speak to one of our advisers +44(0) 20 7993 6346

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