ILR & Naturalisation


To apply for British citizenship is an important event where upon succession will mean that an individual will no longer be subject to immigration control. Furthermore, that person would have no requirements to reside in the UK. In other words, there will be complete freedom to live, work and study in the UK as well as to travel across the EEA per freedom of movement.



For a person to make an application to Naturalise as a British national, the individual will have to have Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence (for Europeans) at least for months after receiving either document.

Some of the requirements that have to be fulfilled to make a successful application are:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Good character
  • Sound mind
  • The intention to make the UK their home
  • References
  • English language capabilities


Any person who is 18 may apply for naturalization. Any person who is under 18 can not apply, instead they should register as a British citizen. Which depends on not only the birthplace but the parents at the time of birth.

Recent changes in the Home Office has very strict guidance in regards to criminal convictions. Depending on the offence the applicant may need to wait a certain time before applying. The Home Office will do checks regarding the applicant’s criminal history.

Every person who applies for naturalization has to be of ‘sound mind’. This means that the person in question understands the purpose of the application.

The successful applicant will be that person who intends to have their home in the UK. Since it is impossible to predict the future the Secretary of State will examine the ties and past behaviour during their time spent in the UK. However, once citizenship is granted this requirement no longer applies.

An applicant has to include at least two references from people known to them for a minimum of three years. One has to be a person of professional standing, while the other has to be a British citizen and either a professional person or over 25 years of age.

The requirement for English language is made to help integrate migrants into British society. Which benefits the migrant in the long term as well as lessens the burden on the UK. To meet this requirement applicant must attain a level B1 or higher English language qualification, hold a degree which was taught in English or be a national of an English speaking country.

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