Investor Visas | Tier 1 Investor Visa


The Tier 1 (Investor) visa is designed for high net worth individuals who want to relocate to the UK by investing at least £2 million to the British Economy. Applicants can bring their family members, including spouse and children under the age of 18.


Eligibility Criteria
Investment of £2,000,000 pounds or more is required, there are no requirements in relation to the investor’s education, nationality, language ability, or business experience. Investment made in UK Government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading companies that are registered in the United Kingdom.


Extend your Visa

Investor visa is granted for three years and four months and can then be extended for another two years, by providing evidence that an investment of at least £2 million was made in the United Kingdom.



The number of days that the applicant is permitted to spend outside of the UK is 180 days per year and the qualification period for settlement application is dependent on the amount invested. The qualifying periods are as following:

  •  Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 5 years when £2m invested
  •  Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 3 years when £5m invested
  •  Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after 2 years when £10m invested


British Passport

Applicants are eligible to apply for British citizenship after 6 years of residence in the UK, while those invested more than £5m are eligible to apply after 5 years. The number of days that the applicant is allowed to spend outside of the UK is no more than 450 days during this period and also no more than 90 days during the final 12 months.


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