The Sole Representatives Visa is designed for companies, where they would like to establish the first commercial presence in the UK, such as branch a or subsidiary. The company will need to send a senior employee of the overseas business to Britain and establish a branch or wholly owned subsidiary with the same type of business as the overseas company.

Eligibility Criteria

The senior employee needs to be recruited by overseas company who has no UK branch, subsidiary or other representative in the UK. The applicant is required to have Basic English language ability and take all operational decisions on behalf of the UK branch or subsidiary. Also, the senior employee should only work for the company that they have come here to establish. Applicants need to prove a positive track record in the same or very closely related field of work and a credible setup plan for the establishment.

Extend your Visa

Sole Representatives Visa is granted for three years and can then be extended for another two years. Applicants are required to work for the same first employer, as when he/she first entered the United Kingdom.


The applicant can apply for settlement after five years in the UK and have an ongoing job with the same company.

British Passport

Applicants are eligible to apply for British citizenship after 6 years of residence in the UK. The number of days that the applicant is allowed to spend outside of the UK is no more than 450 days during the 5 years and 90 days during the final 12 months.


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